Billings goes 2.5

The earlier review of MarketCircle’s Billings was, I think, fair and favorable. Well, they’ve taken it to version 2.5 and I’m in the process of updating right now in the background. Sounds like they have a sweet API available to those GTDers out there.

Two things come to mind… immediately. HERE is a software company that “GETS IT”. Jill McCubbin is a fantastic marketer for their stuff. She’s made of absolute gold in my book. Despit the fact I’m not likely to use Billings, personally (it just doesn’t fit what I’m doing)… She’s marvelously adept at notifying me and other bloggers presumably of their progress on DayLite, which is just massively awesome and Billings.

I’ll post my interview with Akyknan Jetha (AJ), President of Market Circle soon. There were a couple of things I wanted to know about their forward looking product dev plans (Leopard, iPhone, etc).

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