Rosie O… I’m PO’d!!!

Rosie ODonell has posited a fair question. It’s the insinuation lingering in the air that pisses me off! SERIOUSLY PISSES ME OFF!

So, the question:

If a country (let’s say Mexico) invaded the U.S. Would I call them terrorists? Hell no! I’d call them the enemy. Plain and simple. Now, if Mexico invaded U.S. soil and we called on England’s religious extremists to come in and help stir sh… stuff… up! In the process killing half a million of our own people. Would I call the English terrorists? Hell no! I’d call them bad tacticians and ask them to go home or I’ll bust their ass! That’s not happening in Iraq. They just want to get on with the peace and outside elements are preventing progress.

Seeing it from some Iraqi’s points of view we’ve really got a mess on our hands. A different kind of mess than they were living in before we asserted ourselves and our agendas of FILL IN THE BLANK. Are we an occupying force? Sure we are. Will we leave? Probably not soon enough for some. Too soon for others. When we do… things will get far more crazy. Just watch.

But, Rosie’s suggestion that somehow we’re a terrorist force in Iraq is stupid. It’s irresponsible. It *DOES* matter. And if she’s not REALLY careful she will be the Jane Fonda of our generation. Jane did no favors for my Dad (a Vietnam vet). This kind of loose talk is bought with the blood of the men and women she spites.

Bad form Rosie. Bad form! So… one bad turn deserves another (thanks to MoralAuthority)… Take THAT you wooly Pill Bug! ARGGHHH! [EDIT: Rosie’s leaving the show earlier than her agreed-to departure date. Now, isn’t THAT fun!? Who’s the “coward” now Rosie?]

Oh NO! Robacca’s loose!

(Sorry for the diversion. I’m no political wonk. But, when something pisses me off to this degree I WILL assert my American privledge and call “Bull Shit!” loud, clear, proud and strong.)

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2 Comments on “Rosie O… I’m PO’d!!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I hate Rosie!!! She used to be a nice person.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    I don’t “hate” anyone. There ARE some people I like a whole lot less than others though.

    And, I’m sure Rosie O is a fairly nice person… She just left a really bad whiffer in the air and never cleared the air.

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