Newton MessagePad 120 For Sale $15



While organizing some boxes we hadn’t opened (for four years) I found the Newton Messagepad 120! I did a HELLUVA LOT of development on this little beast!

I’m smart on software. Not so much on hardware. It’s not powering up. But, for the right person it’ll purr again. It doesn’t need ANY additional hardware… likely the watch sized battery and it’s good to go. (FYI, for the wisenhimers out there, I already tried brand new AA’s).

Selling as is to the first person who will spend $15 USD + shipping and a promise that when you get her fired back up again you’ll remind me what’s on the PCMCIA card (No telling! I did quite a LOT of stuff for the Williams Companies and Adam and Tonya Engst at TidBITS back in the day).

Will happily accomodate PayPal (preferred actually) or cashier’s check… My phone is 918-813-9745 and email is

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