Microsoft Surface

So, Microsoft’s big announcement while we all slept (who thought THAT up!?) was the Microsoft Surface.

Their demo is pretty lame. Cool logo. Lame demo.

For a better demo of it (and it IS cool) is at, of all places, Popular Mechanics’ website.

Word has it the thing is really initially for casino’s, hotel lobby’s that sort of thing. Precisely the sort of place I WON’T be syncing up my phone and camera up with in a public place. Why they’d launch into that sector instead of making it available to us mere mortals???? I dunno. Ask them.

What I find REAL interesting… Steve Jobs (you knew there’d be an Apple play in this posting right?) said they would ferociously defend the IP that went into the Apple iPhone. So, OK… multi-touch interface. Scaling. yada yada. Someone’s licensing technology from someone. Maybe even a third party. So, what gives? Here’s what.

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