Closing Tabs in Safari

I’ve been using the tar out of Safari tabs lately to add RSS feeds. I get my feeds from other feeds and it spawns a PROFOUND amount of tabs.

Well, I accidentally discovered a way to close all those tabs (except the one I have focus on). So, create a Safari browser window with three or more tabs (cmd + t).


Now, to close them all except for the one you’re currently viewing hold the cmd + option keys while you press w. You should get this…


Also, if I’ve failed to mention it lately… the nightly builds of WebKit are worth the few moments it would take to investigate occassionally. If, like me, you’ve loaded Safari with a few plugin/extensions won’t run. So, simply make another user on your Mac and take it for a test drive. I think you’ll like what you’re seeing… a LOT of banks sites and WordPress inline style toolbox-type things will all-of-a-sudden start working as intended. The days of Safari 2.0.4 (419.3) are numbered and I’m thinking week after next… (WWDC) lots of people will begin singing a new song.

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