Manualist, John Twomey (video)

The above is background. Mr. Twomey actually DOES what it appears he’s doing. Now, watch this (I love what he’s done with THIS tune)

I laughed until I cried and then had to go pee at the Mama Mia point.

Take THAT numa-numa guy!

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2 Comments on “Manualist, John Twomey (video)”

  1. denny cuson Says:

    I am an old friend of John Twomey. I have been trying to reach him but can’t find a contact. Do you know of anyway to reach him or his agent?

  2. J.B. Twomey Says:

    I am John’s son and will certainly help in putting you in contact with him. My email is Please contact me and I can point you in the right direction.

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