Imminent Reality Distortion Field Failure

Methinks, having watched the keynote, the Reality Distortion Field is in serious need of a One on One MacGenius assist. I can only imagine the parties tonight are placing a high amount of pressure on third parties to step up and tow the line cause the OS we saw today… doesn’t inspire me to do jack-squat I wasn’t already working on.

One of the Apple Dev Directors was crowing about how many new non-Mac developers are switching to Mac. Fine! Show me how much easier XCode 3 is going to be. Show me how Java Runtime and J2EE and Rails and the other frameworks are more compelling than what I’m beating on now (whether that’s XCode 2 or .Net). QuickLook’s nice and all and the Safari beta 3 is a nice gesture… no, really… But, I’m a DEVELOPER… I think that third letter in WWDC stands for something and it isn’t DISTORTION.

Please, bring Bertrand back onstage. (We missed John Mayer too btw.)

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