Apple’s “Other” Devs Don’t Count? WTF!?

PREFACE: I hope this is a big misunderstanding…

But,I think I’m pissed off at Apple. Not a little bit. I’m thinking it’s a whole 3-litre of whoop-ass.

Steve Jobs dropped a line that kind of sounded like a WWDC exclusive on the Leopard Build demo’d yesterday.

If so… that clenches my relationship with Apple Developer Connection. I’m done. Finito! IF they don’t release this seed (or one better than it) to all us loyal ADC Select, paid-in-good-standing Developers fairly soon (within two weeks) they can kiss off.

I’d encourage all my developer friends out there to phone (800) 633-2152 and give the nice Irish folk who answer the phones at Apple’s Developer Connection a construcitve bit of feedback.

For chrissakes! If they can serve up Odwalla drinks and danish pastries based on last year’s attendee feedback they can sure as hell fix this pronto.

Another path to provide feedback…

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