Leopard 9A466

Looks like the WWDC seed is 9A466 and Apple is on a takedown tear.I’m taking bets on how long MacShrine’s posting of the “grass” background (taken directly from the WWDC disc apparently) will be online. Anyone willing to bet it lasts beyond 3 p.m. central today?NEWEST EDIT: Some of you might like to know where the Leopard screenshot galleries are… EDIT: Let’s make this EVEN WORSE Apple! You just posted the Java SE6 Release 1 Developer Preview 7 to the ADC Member Site. It explicitly states the WWDC 2007 Mac OS X v10.5 distro is required! Now… you tell me… how the heck am I supposed to help YOU evaluate the DP7 release with no 9A466 distro!? Makes no sense. You’ve essentially limited your helpful audience to your internal panel and the 5,000 or so in-person attendees.Yep. Cupertino’s pinged this page in the night. I’m sure they’ll be back. Opportunist that I am: Will you guys PLEASE make the 9A466 image available to the rest of us ADC Select members? Not all of us could make WWDC you know…Please, consider adding the gwhiz blog to your RSS feed reading. Thanks!

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7 Comments on “Leopard 9A466”

  1. […] Leopard 9A466 Looks like the WWDC seed is 9A466 and Apple is on a takedown tear. I’m taking bets on how long MacShrine’s posting […] […]

  2. Furious dev Says:

    I thought the exact same thing when I saw the Java release on ADC; I was (and still am) absolutely incensed at their blatant disregard for us paying developers. Were it not for small-time devs like us, the Mac would be a very barren platform and its users certainly wouldn’t stick around for very long.

    Safari 3 has crashed on me a number of times and I’m getting memory leak reports too (via debug menu) but until Apple give me what I’ve paid for in the shape of a new leopard build, they can find their own bloody bugs! I can’t believe they’re treating us like this – the last release we got was over two months ago and is now very very old news.

    You said “Cupertino” had ping’d your blog. I don’t suppose they replied, did they?

  3. gwhiz Says:

    Mark, are you freakin’ kidding me? Apple’s more interested in making sure I don’t post unauthorized pictures or links to torrented images (which I’ll never do!). They could care less if I have an opinion on how wacked their approach to their developers is.

    BTW, thanks for reminding us about ClamXAV! Use AV on our XServes regularly. I’ll have to try your stuff out now. 🙂

  4. Jeff Ventura Says:

    Hey man, nice find on the Macshrine wallpaper. Not that I DLed it or anything. Oh no. Nope.

  5. gwhiz Says:

    Take the high road Jeff. Take the high road. 🙂 Glad you dropped in!

  6. Ryan Shmizzal Says:

    As you all probably know, there are tons of websites hosting the new leopard 9a466. The real question is, is this the final version before we actually get our hands on leopard?

  7. gwhiz Says:

    I wouldn’t trust any of the torrented or “hosted” images. I’ll only download it direct from Apple’s ADC site or install from burned copies they’ve mailed me… I’m curious but not THAT curious.

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