Corporate Death Penatly? HUH!?

Dave Winer, who I respect immensely, IMHO had a synapse short circuit couple days ago.

Who in their right mind would endorse a corporate death penalty!? I’m not rallying to anyone’s defense specifically… But, let’s take Exxon. Sure, the Valdez spilled a gob of raw oil product in the bay (which is a natural product of the earth and seeps freely to the surface in far more quantity annually than spilled by the Valdez). Sure that little accident killed a LOT of nature’s little critters. Noone liked it. Not the locals. Not the government. Hell, Exxon was mad as hell that it happened.

Now, think of Krakatoa. That one little beastie did more to wreck an entire eco system than the Exxon Valdez ever could have. How about Katrina? Mother Nature’s little displays of anger (lightning induced forest fires, F5 tornados, tsunamis, mud-slides, etc)? You gonna fire mother nature too!?

Corporations exist for many reasons. AT&T and Exxon (to name the few Dave cited) aren’t ‘rape and pillage’ outfits. Nature does far more to rearrange her bits than we ever will. We’re a speck in the sands of time. We have a responsibility to be the best stewards we can be toward this little blue marble we live on. I think free markets are strong enough to penalize themselves without nominating a death sentence.

So, Dave, don’t consume petro-based product any longer (that includes electricity gen’d by coal fired plants and all those plastic products embedded in your computers) and stop phoning people with AT&T service. That’ll teach those poor sods!

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