Thomas Tank Engine Recall

Pay attention all you aunties, uncles, parents and grandparents… Recall Issued for Thomas the Tank Engine (aka Thomas the Train).

This isn’t an all encompassing recall. So, when Michelle woke me up last night and told me about it… All I could think of were ALL the little trains, cars and sheds that we’d have to tend to. NOT THE CASE: It’s an important recall due to RC2’s use of leaded paints on SOME (not all) of the product line since 2005.

Following are some helpful links to sort this stuff out:

Totally Thomas
PDF of the Recall Poster
PDF of Return Form

Looks like 6-8 weeks for replacement processing.

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2 Comments on “Thomas Tank Engine Recall”

  1. Says:

    need to see pictures of all thomas trains being recalled

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Hey Tricksy… the links in the post link on through to pdf files with full pictures and part numbers. Hope that helps!

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