WebKit and Safari are the Phalanx

Safari is the phalanx of Apple’s foray into Redmond browser marketshare.Mozilla’s not getting it done. Either is FireFox. Their growth has stalled and their innovation has all but dried up. But, they have one HELLUVA aftermarket developer base which Safari sorely lacks.So, to use a street racing analogy if I may, if Apple thinks their stock car is somehow going to overtake many of the highly modded Nissan’s, Acura’s and Honda’s… uh uh. Ain’t happening. Which leads me to this joyous post over at the Surfin Safari blog (makes my heart sing). Apple is hiring Windows developers and QA engineers.Motive? Plenty and I think “switchers” factor large. Imagine on June 29th… you’re a Windows user who just bought this nifty iPhone. The stock browser on it is (gasp) Safari! You start using. You start liking… how you gonna sync your bookmarks across the platforms? Interesting dilemma. Gotta be integrated. It’s subtle. But, it’s crucial to binding the two experiences together and providing what Apple does so nicely and that’s control the user experience in surprisingly pleasant ways. (Oh yeah, it creates a proprietary lock on the browsing experience cross platform. Ver Niiiice.)Now, what will Microsoft name their phone? iPhune.

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2 Comments on “WebKit and Safari are the Phalanx”

  1. Anonymous Swine Says:

    It should be “neither is Firefox,” not “either.” That’s grammatically incorrect.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Okie, dokie. Since you put it THAT way 🙂

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