OSX on iPhone and Google Gears

Since the SDK for iPhone is Web 2.0… I’m wondering if Gears is going to work any better at launch with Safari than it doesn’t now. (Yeah, you read that right… Gears no workie with Safari 3. Although DOES workie with WebKit nightly builds. Hmmm…)

My suspicion is initially no probably not. But it makes a lot of sense and I can think of at least one app I’d like to deploy RFN.

If you haven’t tinkered with Gears yet… Allow me to recommend a pretty nifty example of what it’s capable of. First, you have to have installed FireFox 1.5+ or IE 6+. Runs on Mac 10.2+, Linux and Windows. Second, Download Gears. Third, visit Remember the Milk.

[EDIT: Jason Essington of Wyoming has confirmed the install on WebKit works fine. Must now delve deeper ’cause as y’all know… below Safari lurks a beastie called WebKit. If it works there… it’s going to work just fine on the iPhone eventually. PROVIDED download/install works as I would hope. Will know on June 29 as it is now added mighty high to my list of iPhone to-do’s. Linus intimates Safari compatibility is coming – listen to the mp3]

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2 Comments on “OSX on iPhone and Google Gears”

  1. beyondwww Says:

    Hmmm, well Gears is definitely gearing up for its expansion so upgrades and plug-ins. Yeah you definitely expect it. But did you try building any thing onDekoh?

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Thanks for the tip on Dekoh. Probably not interested in installing the wiki on my iPhone 🙂 It IS interesting that the installer does it’s thing through Java.

    Like your blog. Instantly inspired me to investigate some things more fully.

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