Where To Buy iPhone (Tulsa)

Here’s my dilemma. I have three options and no guidance. What would YOU do?

In Tulsa our first Apple Store is opening “end of month”… Well, that either means the 29th (ideal) or 30th (less than ideal). AppleCare would be the ONLY draw I’d have as activation would take SOOOOO long even though I’ve already switched over to AT&T wireless.

The only other Tulsa option for instant gratify is a Cingular/AT&T store. Which I’m actually cool with except for the lack of additional insurance coverage. CONFIRMED: They will not provide extended coverage. I think I’m gonna want something along those lines. Battery recall, yada yada…

And, if I just gotta have an iPhone the night of the 29th (and I think I do)… There’s always the Oklahoma City Apple Store. But, I’m not real game on that. Might as well wait the extra day for the Tulsa Apple Store to open…

What would you do?

PS – My new Black Jawbone is on the way. Found it on eBay for WAY, WAY less than retail. Jawbone’s ecommerce is wacky. And, finding a Black Jawbone in a retail store might be tricky.

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