A Startup Costs HOW Much!?

Premise: Guy Kawasaki knows what he’s doing. And despite better advice I highly recommend you kiddies try this at home!

Mr. Kawasaki’s startup, Truemors, set him back $12,709.09 in startup costs. Keep in mind… he’s the guy who wrote “Art of the Start” and funded more youngco’s than I’ve even worked in for crying out loud!

I’d like to contrast Truemors with Fake Steve Jobs (one of the 100 most popular blogs).

It costs NOTHING to start a blog on WordPress.com (independent) or at Blogspot.com (owned by Google). TypePad will set you back some change (and is quite good). There’s Facebook… MySpace… there’s a lot of free choices for blogging these days.

Granted, FSJ is about the most popular figure on the scene right now. Yes, there’s a FakeSteveBallmer. But, do you really think FakeTerrySemel.com is going to be worth anyone’s time. Nah. Now, FakePope.com is already taken (maybe not so safe for work). That person would normally be out less than $200 in startup costs (autorenewing, protected domains for the next 10 years). But, whoever’s behind it REALLY bootstrapped. ZERO cost! They’re hosting on a free platform. Fred Wilson thinks FSJ is raking in $200K+ annually.

Nice work if you can get it. Money for nothing and your chicks are free. Wonder if there’s a VC model in there somewhere? “I’ll seed you $0. Now. Go write like an iGod.”

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