AppleTV “Downloading update…” (pics)


And downloading. AND downloading. AND DOWNLOADING. (Click on any of the pics for larger views)

It just takes a while to pull the download down. The AppleTV will restart and then the goodies are available!

Here are my pics of the AppleTV’s NEW iTunes Store settings (YEAH!)

Opening sequence doesn’t appear to have been updated. If so, it’s subtle. The interface definitely has changed to accommodate the YouTube spot on deck. (Breaking this is so fun!)

Dsc00091 Thar she blows!
Dsc00092 Main YouTube nav
Dsc00093 “Featured” content.
Dsc00094 Getting ready to play. Downloads take a while…

PISS! My YouTube videos haven’t been converted yet! Wassup widdat? It says there are 11,500 videos available…

I’ll shoot better pics tomorrow. Only have the W810i phone camera at present.

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One Comment on “AppleTV “Downloading update…” (pics)”

  1. […] posted some digicam shots of the Apple TV update process (it’s L O N G) and the YouTube Interface and offers this […]

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