I Quit!


Just like Michael Bloomberg… I’ve had enough of my Rebpublican party. I wanted to do this some time back and now… it’s done. I’m Independent and frankly always have been I just didn’t affiliate that way on the books. I do now.

Both parties have been working at polar opposites of the political spectrum far too long. And, the ONLY thing they’ll respond to, at the end of the day is… NO, NOT THE MONEY… it’s the voting. The Republicans had their mandate and squandered it: Spending went nutso; Tax law went haywire; Energy policy didn’t get tended to; and Immigration law was ignored. (But we sure can get a ‘do not call’ law passed at flank speed!)

Now, the Democrats have largely pissed away their 100-day sweeping reform pledge.

The whole lot needs to be tossed out and regular joes put in their places.

I’m a hugely patriotic American. Love this country. Always will. But when something rotten is going on before our eyes… Gotta call a spade a spade. We’re going down some very wrong paths.

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4 Comments on “I Quit!”

  1. Rob Says:


    – It’s kind of late to make this sort of objection, doncha think?

    – Going independent frequently means that you don’t get to participate in partisan primaries, which means on the GOP side that you have to accept whatever slimeball the religious whackos decide to nominate (I assume you’re not interested in, e.g., Hillary). Independent candidates are doomed to the fruitcake fringe in the US. That won’t change in our lifetimes. You’re taking yourself out of the political process.

    – Viable independent candidates don’t exist. The two serving in Congress are exceptions that prove the rule: one is a Dem-without-portfolio and one is a liberal Republican who claims to be a Dem.

    – You seem to know, so I’ll ask: what exactly *was* the GOP mandate, besides increasing the number of ethics rules broken by members of Congress?

    My advice: go Democratic. No, really. There is a progressive wing of the Democratic party (see DailyKos.com) — they believe in controlling spending, preserving the bill of rights (including gun rights) etc.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    It may be too late in a sense. But, if not now… when?

    I’m not concerned about the partisan primaries. I’ve not cast a vote so far that resulted in a sensible nominee with the exception of Tom Coburn (who I wish would run for President). Oklahoma is BIG time conservative. Even our state delegation of Democratic office holders puts some of the federal Republicans to shame.

    As for my independent decision… it’s more of an abstension. A gesture that I hope will say I love America and all it could become. Just not under the veil of what is currently is.

    My interpretation of the hoped for outcome of a Republican dominated congress + white house was that a) we’d get stuff done at flank speed, b) we’d see a return/continuation of fiscal responsibility (which I don’t equate to tax rebates).

    As much as your “go Democratic” advice makes sense I’ll politely decline. I’m basically telling them all I’m ashamed of what they’ve allowed themselves to be associated with.

    This is ludicrous… But, imagine if ALL Americans went “independent”. What would the politicos do then? How would they align? With the money? Likely. But, they still need the vote. So, who does something like that (admittedly extreme) situation play out?

    I’d sure like to find out… Cause the road we’re on leads to more of the same. Remember that classic definition of “insanity”? Yeah, me too.

  3. ClapSo Says:

    Welcome to the non-two party; party, g-whiz! I dumped em both back in ’98!

    Vote for ANYONE not a dem or repub!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  4. gwhiz Says:

    ClapSo, I’d like to think that independent streak would send a clear message. At the end of the day I make myself believe this is going to be the ONLY wake up call a politician will appreciate.

    A single-term limit sounds like a good thing. Everyone serves once and only once.

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