NICE! iPhone Emulator

MarketCircle’s used the latest WebKit distro to create an iPhone emulator. So far as I know, there’s nothing else out there like it.

FYI – Agent string doesn’t register on your server log files like an iPhone. Suppose you could mod that though…Way to go AJ & Team! ~ hat tip to Jill (my hero!) 

[EDIT – It’s just been updated to 1.1 and even kinda works with Apple’s dedicated iPhone app.]

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8 Comments on “NICE! iPhone Emulator”

  1. Paweł Nowak Says:

    Links are broken.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Pawel – Thanks for the feedback. Link is now fixed.

  3. AJ Says:

    Actually, if you go the menu, you can turn on the use of the iPhone user agent. Some folks are using it successfully.

  4. I’ve built an online version at

  5. Truth Is Says:

    The IPHONY is not really useful because online mobile sites like believe you are using a normal safari browser, no IPHONY. So the ideal thing is if IPHONY actually faked those sites into believing you were browsing with an iphone.

  6. gwhiz Says:

    Going to respectfully disagree. AJ has been really good to pass the proper referer strings all this time. So, in the example you cite… Something else is at play. Don’t know what. It will be something outside the emulators ability.

  7. zmit Says:

    in the iphoney menu you can change the ‘user agent’

    then it will recognise it as an iphone

  8. Pushkay Jug Says:


    You mentioned that this was the only one you know of.

    There is one for Windows called iPhoneBT. It simulates the iPhone UI really well.
    Maybe put it in your post?
    Just type iPhoneBT into google.

    Thanks for the links too!

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