Announcing Club iPhone

There are going to be LOTS of places to turn to for bits & pieces of iPhone information. Why roam around if you don’t have to? Get the best of the iPhone in ONE place.

Club iPhone will be a paid membership-only blog. This means it will be password protected and the extended coverage on all things iPhone sits behind the pay wall.

Club iPhone is going to be focused on the user experience side of the iPhone. Some things about the iPhone aren’t going to be as intuitive as they ought. Some things are going to be so obvious they escape us. There will be integration, roaming and battery issues. AppleCare. Service. And so on.

Club iPhone will be “the missing manual” provinging all the answers you didn’t have time to ask or haven’t thought to ask yet.

You’ve seen the quality of the gWHIZ blog. It’s ususally right on top of the matter and adheres to a Mac centric theme all in a crisp, (usually) readable format. You’ll have that same disciplined commitment on Club iPhone. No political goofiness. No ads! Totally user supported and user generated content. WHA!?

Subscribers are authors at Club iPhone. Come on in, the kool-aid’s fine.

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