Tulsa Apple Store Opens June 29

OK. I’m so totally psyched I can’t stand it.The Tulsa Apple Store definitely opens June 29! That nicely coincides with iPhone launch don’tcha think? Wonder if Apple Corporate is sending any of the hoi paloi on this momentous day? Now, I hadn’t really given this much thought… But, the Apple Store employees are “last in line” on this deal. They’ll be lucky to get an iPhone on launch day. As compared to us other schmucks who will be happily standing in line as if we’re getting a Cabbage Patch or a Furby the day after Thanksgiving.I can only hope people go for the freebies the Store is notorious for while we of the hardcore go for the prized iPhone. I have a backup plan that I’m keeping all to my lonesome. Involves VERY fast driving. Stay tuned. 

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