New WWDC Previews Flowing…

Some of the WWDC Preview images are now beginning to flow out of the ADC program. Without getting in to specifics some interesting NEW things are starting to appear. Select Members might be interested in logging on if interested. As of 9:05 p.m. Central there is no new image of Leopard though.

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3 Comments on “New WWDC Previews Flowing…”

  1. Furious dev Says:

    Arrrgh, you have no idea how high you got my hopes up there! There’s been nothing new posted since the 22nd.

    You know what the most annoying thing is? Even though I’ve paid for access, other people who haven’t paid managed to download and have been using it since the weekend! Remind me again what I’m actually paying for…

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Mark – When I saw what was posted on the 22nd I thought, “Yes! Finally! It’s flowing.” So, very sorry to have set you (and everyone else) up for that disappointment. It looked all so promising. And, yet, today there’s nothing new to note since.

    I’m hard pressed to give you the satisfaction we’re both hunting for. Just keep the faith and take the high road. A torrented file, although tempting, just isn’t worth it (to me anyway). I’ll wait for the real deal.

  3. gwhiz Says:

    The item I didn’t call out by name above… has been removed from the ADC downloadable seeds list.

    WOW! It doesn’t happen very often… but when it does… something’s weird in the Matrix. 🙂

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