The 100,000th Visit & Traffic Mongering

Passed the hundred thousandth visit mark last night. For some reason that’s a whole lot more fun than the 99 thousandth which I remember so fondly…I’ve had a couple of 13 and 15,000 visit days. Those were both because of DIGG’d stories related to Tiger and Leopard pre-release news. The gWHIZ blog is no TUAW. But, for a hobby site… yeah, we can pack em in. And, I can’t say enough good stuff about WordPress. I’d love to know more about their scalable computing approach (hmm…. there’s an interview itching to happen! I summon thee Matt Mullenweg!) A few tips on traffic mongering and WordPress:

  • Transparency. At ALL times. You can’t disclose your motives enough;
  • Don’t be afraid to DIGG your own stuff;
  • Occasional linkbaiting is fun sport; 
  • Catchy headlines catch readers; 
  • Blog about interesting stuff;
  • Link. Liberally.;
  • Use FeedBurner in addition to WordPress’ own RSS;
  • READ lots of RSS feeds. Feed your fire;
  • Watch your WordPress stats. Thar be gold!;
  • Play to the keywords referring traffic to you;
  • Customize your space with headers or CSS tweaks;
  • Write often, write well;
  • Use pictures. They add a certain je ne c’est quoi;
  • Tag. Liberally.;
  • Dare to piss people off (sometimes);
  • Be open to apologizing;
  • Must develop thicker skin;
  • Open your comments up;
  • Spell check… Om doesn’t & look at him go!:);
  • Allow trackbacks.

Most of all though. Be yourself. Let your excitement and passion carry through in your writing and you’ll have an engaged audience in no time. (I wanted to file this before I left for work. I’ll swing back around mid-day to add the links I had intended to put in.) 

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