iPhoney Goes 1.1. iPhone RSS News.

Marketcircle’s updated their iPhone emulator (iPhoney) to version 1.1.

MacRumors reports Apple has an AJAX/Web 2.0 RSS reader in the works specifically for iPhone. Safari gets a big thumbs down. However, iPhoney (using the iPhone agent string) doesn’t get turned away… Nothing is currently served up. But, no “go away” message either. Wish there was some way to ‘view source’.

AJ, how about it?

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2 Comments on “iPhoney Goes 1.1. iPhone RSS News.”

  1. AJ Says:

    That’s a good suggestion. Now that it’s open source, maybe someone will add that. If we have some cycles (which we don’t right now), we may do it.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Thanks AJ. We’ll keep our fingers crossed. Might call up the Sacket brothers and have them beat on it 🙂 Just met them in the data center we host at in Tulsa. Nice guys! They say “Hi.”

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