9A466 Posted to ADC

Sounds like a Radio Free America announcement doesn’t it? 🙂

For those of you who know what 9A466 means… Run (do not walk) to the ADC!

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7 Comments on “9A466 Posted to ADC”

  1. hornbeck Says:

    Downloading now, thanks 🙂

  2. Mark Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. That’ll fit nicely onto the 500GB drive I bought yesterday! Anyway, you know how I said I’d be mightily unimpressed if they landed us with 9A466 after all this time. Well, it turns out I *am*!

    I was really hoping that come Thursday we’d get a new build. Ho hum, grateful for small mercies I suppose…no matter how small. At least I can get started on developing for 10.4 again.

  3. Mark Says:

    …and of course, by 10.4 I actually meant 10.5. D’oh!

  4. hornbeck Says:

    It is installed now and awesome

  5. jedimacfan Says:

    So what do you think? I still say transparent menu bar needs to go, WAY too much drop shadow, and the triangles under the Appls instead of aqua balls was a better fit. Anxious for your thoughts.

  6. gwhiz Says:

    Jedi – I’ve downloaded both server and client. Haven’t installed yet. Even when I do… I’m bound by an NDA. So, unfortunately, for now I’ll keep details to self. Generally, I like where Apple’s going with Leopard and the features. Particularly on Server as that’s where most of my time is spent.

  7. jedimacfan Says:

    Dang, that stinks that you can’t even comment on the appearance. Oh, well, I’ll wait til Oct to hear about it then 🙂

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