iPhone “Can’t” List

For all the iPhone CAN do there are some important things it CAN’T aside from the usual Java, Flash and SilverLight gripes:MPEG movies. If the iPhone can do something more than playback of iPod encoded movies (H.264) I’m hardpressed to figure out how.SVG graphics. I like a few sites that render in SVG. No can do on iPhone. Copy/Cut/Paste. Surely it’s in there somewhere. (Isn’t it?)ALL CAPS. Sometimes I just really need to shout.Zooming. The subjects in my digital pix sometimes aren’t wide angle, portrait material. I want to zoom in digitally.

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One Comment on “iPhone “Can’t” List”

  1. elliottcable Says:

    Regarding CAPS LOCK:

    I wish I could get an iPhone up here in ye old Alaska to test against the rest of your claims, but I’m afraid we’re out, at least until the 5 year AT&T only contract is up )-:

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