Dot Mac Weirdness

Dot Mac’s doing some odd things last night and this morning.

Seems from the Apple Discussion Forums this has been going on longer than I’ve noticed. I did file a trouble ticket you might want to do the same

I WAS able to login to .mac (although not for extended email use). I clicked on the Address Book tab and THEN logged in, clicked one of the email addresses and saw all my mail. Couldn’t click on a message. But, it’s all there.

On the iPhone all I’m getting is a cannot connect to message. It downloads messages fine. Cannot send though.

[EDIT: Simply purging the cookies from Safari’s cache did the trick for me. Wish I had thought to try Firefox or Camino first… iPhone’s SMTP is still misbehaving.]

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2 Comments on “Dot Mac Weirdness”

  1. Steve Rubel Says:

    I am having the same error. What about on the iPhone?

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Mr. Rubel, the iPhone straightened up after purging the caches, cookies, etc. Works like new again. Dot mac is also back to 100%.

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