iPhone: This Missing Manual

Received the following email from O’Reilly regarding David Pogues Missing Manual for our newest piece of gear. NOTE: The PDFs are instant gratification RFN. The book will ship in a couple of weeks. (Mr. O’Reilly, hope you don’t mind the plug… just not seeing it mentioned anywhere else as of yet)

***New from the O’Reilly Store***

iPhone: The Missing Manual

By David Pogue
First Edition: August 2007
ISBN: 0-596-51374-7
Pages: 304
Bundle offer: Print Book + PDF
Price: $24.99 USD

As you’d expect of Apple, the iPhone is gorgeous, and iPhone:
The Missing Manual is a book as breathtaking as its subject.
Teeming with high-quality color graphics, each custom designed
page helps you accomplish specific tasks — everything from using
Wireless to watching videos. Written by New York Times columnist
and Missing Manual series creator David Pogue, this book shows
you everything you need to know to get the most out of you new
Apple iPhone.

Can’t Wait for the Printed Book? Purchase iPhone: The Missing Manual,
and get the PDF of the title in advance!

Get your hands on iPhone: The Missing Manual weeks before it’s
actually printed! Order the special pre-release bundle, and you’ll
get the PDF of the entire book as we’re shipping it off to the
printer (on or about July 17th), and then you’ll get your printed
copy of the book as soon as it’s ready, (early August).

Just click “Add Bundle to Cart”. We’ll email a confirmation of
your order, and then we’ll notify you via email when the PDF is
ready and available in your account. The print book will be
shipped to you upon its release.


Take advantage of our Pre-release Bundle offer for $24.99 which
includes both the iPhone: The Missing Manual book and the PDF
electronic copy. Offer expires Aug 3, 2007.


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