Safari As RSS Reader

Safari’s not giving up it’s secrets easily. I still like it far better than any of the options. Better than Google Reader. Better than NetNewsWire.

Occassionally, very rarely, I catch a glimpse of something it does I haven’t seen it do before. And, it gave up one more ghost to me today.

Safari RSS While reading Ross Mayfield’s entry on Pownce delivered by RSS to my Safari 2.0.4 browser… I noticed there were “friends” listed in the rightmost column (see picture to left). Those aren’t coming from my computer. Those are coming from Mr. Mayfield. How’s he doing that?! Hell, how can I do that?! Not because I want or need to. Just because I’m curious.

I have a gazillion feeds I keep up with in Safari. It serves me very well. So, when it does something special and out of the ordinary… I’m curious as hell WHY. Anyone want to take a crack at this? It seems Typepad blogs are the only recipients (or causal generators) of this out of the ordinary behavior. Interesting. What is Typepad doing so out of the norm? I’d really like to know.

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2 Comments on “Safari As RSS Reader”

  1. elliottcable Says:

    Well my first instinct was that this was some sort of custom namespace entry in the RSS file itself, that safari just happened to support, but there’s nothing special in the RSS that I could find under a perusal.

  2. […] I’m abadoning Safari as my RSS reader. Yes, I know, I’ve written several times Safari was my favorite child. Lately though, and quite inexplicably, Safari has been exhibiting repetitive […]

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