Keep Wanting To “Flick” OSX

Damn my iPhone. Damn it!!! It’s changing my behavior. BIG TIME! (Sorry for shouting)

After a day full of meetings yesterday (a day without my MacBook Pro I might add) I came back to the desk only to find I’m trying to flick the screen on and then AGAIN on my Address Book. I caught myself doing it all over again just a moment ago. You know… the flicking gesture you would use on an iPhone to zip down the list of emails or voice mails or contacts… Yeah, that doesn’t work so well on OSX (yet).

I’m not to the point of wanting to mash my grubby index fingers on my laptop screen. But, if I have another day like yesterday… it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to be catching myself tilting my MacBook for a portrait view of Techmeme or holding it up to my ear or double tapping to zoom into Photoshop.

Crap! I’ve contracted iPhoneitis.

I remember back in 1988 doing something in the real world (there wasn’t an internet back then for us non-defense types) and instinctively going for a command-z. I actually wanted to UNDO a real life event. Who says these things don’t change us? The hell they don’t!

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3 Comments on “Keep Wanting To “Flick” OSX”

  1. Mark Says:

    I flick stuff all the time in OS X and have been doing so since LONG before the iPhone was even conceived let alone announced.

    I use mice with (for want of a better word) loose scroll wheels so that I can flick-scroll about the place. In fact, I do it so much that when I saw Steve demo the iPhone I though “Hang on a minute, that thing’s scrolling the wrong way!” In OS X, and in fact operating system I’ve ever used, the act of scrolling is akin to moving a viewer over a document, but the iPhone turns this on its head: it looks like scrolling on the iPhone is analogous to moving the document under the viewer.

    I suppose both make sense once you release what’s happening, but I just found it really odd when I saw it. Do scroll bars exist on the iPhone and if so, what happens when you grab one and drag it up? Do you end up at the top or the bottom of whatever you’re viewing?

  2. gwhiz Says:

    My Kensington 4-button roller ball can be programmed to control the scroll bar. I found setting it up that way screwed me up when I travelled (without it).

    Loved having the ability… Just found I had to shift behavior too often and caused too much mental gyration.

  3. David Levine Says:

    In those mements just before one falls asleep, and in some dreams, I have also experienced the notion of clicking on some real-life thing. They do change our thought patterns over years of usage, I believe. Just like they make your eyes go fuzzy and wrists ache. The mental thing I have given the name “bit fatigue”.

    When will OSHA recognize the hazards of bit fatigue?

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