Puzzler, the iPhone Game (link)

So, Apple releases this little goody to help us better understand the SDK (ahem) of the web. OK.

Hope you guys get a kick out of Puzzler the game from Apple’s Developer Connection. Keep in mind, because iPhone sees things as “the real web” this will work in your browser too. 😉

 (And, Apple, if you want me to take it down… let’s make this easy… just email me at geraldb28@mac.com with a take down or call 918-813-9745. It wasn’t clear to me this was prohibited, so I plowed ahead.) 

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2 Comments on “Puzzler, the iPhone Game (link)”

  1. Jason Ivan Says:

    Have you gotten this thing to work in IE7? I’ve tried and it doesn’t seem to work. I know. I know. Has little to do with iPhone, but it’s interesting to me that this thing works in Firefox (Mac/Win), Opera Mac, Safari (Mac/Win), but not in IE 7.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    @Jason – IE7’s not available on Mac… So, sorry, no.

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