Parliant PhoneValet & iPhone

I have to admit… iPhone’s Visual Voicemail is darned nice!

Now, what if you could do that with your home phone or office line? Me? I habitually forward my office phone to my iPhone even when I’m roaming the building. So, I seldom miss a beat. But, when I’m on the road and want to catch messages left at the house… THAT’S a whole different tomato. Because Michelle still has to catch messages too I can’t just usurp the home line and forward to the iPhone.

Phone Valet reminds me of those awesome, awesome telephony tools I remember working with on Mac OS 8 and 9. We created some pretty sophisticated voice response systems with fax back document requests. Ah… so, cool.

Well, PhoneValet also makes it so that I can use a browser (yes, especially the iPhone’s) and use their version of visual voice mail. Pretty cool stuff! That way I wouldn’t have to wade through 19 calls from upteen hang-ups from relatives before I finally made it to Jeremy Liew and Fred Wilson suggesting we respond to their term sheets. 😉

The demo’s pretty sharp and the resulting voice mail file played back just fine on my iPhone. I don’t know how often they scrub the recent messages. Mine are still there for now.

Have to try those Dale Carnegie Jedi mind tricks on Michelle now, “This is the telephony solution you’re looking for.” (wave of hand)

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[EDIT: My Safari bookmarks are getting wildly out of control. So, this morning while munching down some joe I’m checking bmarks and this one on Ovolab’s Phlink shows up. In the same Mac telephony space as PhoneValet.]

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