WWDC 2007 Videos On ADC

To all you fellow ADC’ers… Not only is 9A499 available in server and client flavors it appears the latest WWDC videos are available too.

If, like me, you just didn’t quite suck it up and go to the Moscone Center this year… the video proceedings are now available. You’re going to have to be on your toes though. The only way I found these (and I probably accidentally ignored the email from ADC) was as I was downloading the “Designing Web Content for iPhone” video (iTunes ADC login required).


Notice the tabbed path to the iPhone video. If you click on the NAME@ADC on iTunes tab you’ll see several buttons for all kinds of WWDC videos (2004 – 2007) and iPhone. Even some Foundational and Scientific videos I’d never seen before. Cool.

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2 Comments on “WWDC 2007 Videos On ADC”

  1. Mark Says:

    There’s a link to it from the right hand column of the Leopard Dev Center at http://developer.apple.com/leopard/devcenter/ or alternatively, you could go directly to http://developer.apple.com/adconitunes

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Thanks Mark… The obvious is perfectly plain to see now that you point it out. I’m too much a creature of habit for my own good.

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