Hey Buddy… Help My Startup Eh?

Watched a fun couple of videos of Vidoop: another startup also here in Tulsa. Their’s is an online security angle. Pretty cool stuff.

Grocio Unlike Vidoop, GROCIO’s in one of those seams I’m working my ass to get out of. Those who diet will know this as a “plateau”. To get from here onto the riser toward the next milestone you gotta work your ASS off. Yeah, that’s where GROCIO is right now. There’s a big puddle of ass on the floor of the garage right now… That’s how hard I’ve been working this thing. Fun. No complaints. Good, healthy, hard work. (Thank you sir, may I have another! kind of fun.)

For those of you wondering just what the hell GROCIO is… Think comparison grocery shopping for the whole checkout basket (not just a can of soup). The whole enchilada. Combine that with context sensitive coupons (after all, like Google, you’ve told us what you’re looking for)… and you have our business model. Way short of an easy task. A fair bit of heavy lifting involved, yada yada.

More than anything we need to get the cashflow going and our prospective investors reinvigorated. Here’s how you can help:

If you use coupons please consider bookmarking and using THIS LINK. It doesn’t cost you a thing. It could save you a good deal of money at the checkout counter (it has in our household). Or, simply copy THIS LINK ( http://print.coupons.com/alink.asp?go=12756jt0010 ) and bookmark it. If you share it with friends and family do so knowing your helping a startup… well, startup. GROCIO sees revenue only on redemption of the printed coupons. Again, it doesn’t cost you a thing. And, could very well help us illustrate some important metrics back to the investors who don’t quite “get it”. Transactions they understand. Helping us rack up some numbers will help the investors get over their hangups on the business model.

If you don’t use coupons… hey, no problems there. I can’t make horses drink water they don’t want. Also want to be mindful I don’t “AmWay” you, as Mr. Scoble so nicely puts it. But, this is the business I want to go into. I’m not going to be shy about it. Maybe you know someone who DOES use coupons. Passing along the link above will still help us get to where we need to be. Which at the end of the day will be a mighty cool place. One where people can find the least expensive checkout basket + a heap of relevant coupons they no longer have to clip themselves.

Save money. Save time.

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