You’re Gonna Be Remembered For Something

Take Frank Johnson. Who!? You know… FRANK JOHNSON… “The Johnson Box”… Direct mail…? Not ringing any bells?

OK. I’m reading the printed (gasp!) Target Marketing’s inside back cover op ed where Denny Hatch is talking about “American Heritage” magazine and the fact it is folding after one hellluva run. The story only briefly mentions Mr. Johnson. But, what it has to say about him is actually quite an interesting tell on us all. See, Frank is popularized for his creation of the prominent rectangular space above the “Dear Mrs. Soandso” salutation in direct mail pieces… The one with a big headline in it surrounded by a rectangle made up of asteriks. It’s called “The Johnson Box” (Hmm, wonder if he patented THAT! heheh)

* HEADLINE * <– THAT was his BFD in life. What’s yours!?

Anyway, the point is, he didn’t think that was going to be his magnum opus. He thought some other innovative thing I’ve never seen in my life was his grand creation and an obit worthy contribution to mankind. We never truly know what our legacy is going to be do we? It could easily be some throw away piece of open source code or an algorithm or a smile at just the right time to someone who needed it to keep on keeping on.

The bottom of the bottom line here is keep on trying. Be passionate. Live your life with your own special kind of zeal, zest, zip (I don’t know which Z word to use)… Even us you pups, we’re going to be remembered for something! Hedge your bets, make it something good. And, if you’ve never read it… The Brand You 50 series from Tom Peters is a great start.

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