Barry Bonds*

Bonds-756 One little character has the ability to overshadow an otherwise noteworthy accomplishment. (see the irony in the jersey pic? yeah… how’d you like to have that one following you around?)

No question… Barry Bonds smacked #756 over the right-field wall in San Diego last night against Mike Bacsik. Records are meant to be broken but it makes a great deal of difference in HOW those records are busted. Or, does it?

It does to me. It darned sure better to my kids. At least, that’s how I’m raising them. I’d rather see a solid and honest effort out of family, friends and colleagues than to strongly suspect the secret of their success was obtained by less than legit methods. Yeah, yeah… presumed innocent. Right? OK, I’ll buy that and give Bonds the benefit of the doubt just like I would anyone else.

But, it’s that same reason I have to keep a cloud over Pete Rose. ‘Course, he was absolutely nailed to the wall. No questions. As much as I’d like to see Pete take a well-deserved spot in the hall-of-fame… You screw up and dangit you jeaopardize your place in the books for good. So, regardless of if ever or whenever Bonds is nailed for the suspected juicing… I sincerely hope there’s a slugger out there that takes this record (of sorts) off the books in our lifetime and erases that little * from its current place of prominence.

And to all you out there putting in an honest-days effort without cutting corners or gaming the system… hat’s off to you! Keep those funky ASCII characters off your accomplishments! 🙂

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3 Comments on “Barry Bonds*”

  1. Jamin Says:

    Big time! Winning isn’t enough, it is how you win that counts, for a whole list of reasons.

  2. jedimacfan Says:

    Have you tested the 10.4.11 update that was released to developers? I think there is a major CoreAudio bug in 10.4.10 for MacBook Pros. I keep hearing a popping sound every couple minutes, when my soundcard is idle. I know 10.4.11 has audio updates in it so I thought I would ask.

  3. gwhiz Says:

    Hey Jedi. If Barry B*nds jersey was #11 (or 10 or 4) your comment might be considered on topic… 🙂 Oh, well. As 10.4.11 falls under that category of prerelease software from Apple that us developers can’t discuss without incurring the wrath of Cupertino… I must maintain radio silence on the matter. Sorry.

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