Kulabyte’s HD is Fabulous!

Man, oh man! Are the codec’s coming fast and furious these days or what!?

I was reading the comments in Dr. Jonathan Schwartz’ announcement of their latest processor at Sun. One of the commenters is from Kulabyte which was interesting enough to draw a clickthrough. Holy smokes! Their HD video is awesome!

I love DivX and Stage6. There’s so much on the video encoding side of life to like these days.

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3 Comments on “Kulabyte’s HD is Fabulous!”

  1. Charles Says:

    Dude. It’s just Flash. Calm down.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Charles… nah, the encoding is far more than ‘Flash’. They may have wrapped it all in a Flash delivery method but the underlying CODEC is what Kulabyte is banging on… and it’s HOT! So, nah, won’t be calming down. That enthusiasm has gotta flow!

  3. Gwiz, thanks for the plug and glad you are interested in Kulabyte. You are correct – it’s much more than Flash. If you’d like I can send you a technical brief on our technology. It’s essentially agnostic to all codecs and we simply enhance the performance of the codec via our TimeSlice technology. TimeSlice maximizes the ulitization of all available cores for the fastest processing possible.

    Charles, I can send the information to you as well if interested. Further, if you and your readers want connect I’m available in Facebook – Jason Cronkhite.


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