Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take

The above is maybe correctly or incorrectly attributed to Wayne Gretsky. I’ve loved this quote since the first time I heard it and it’s absolutely, undisputedly – true.

The reason for me even bringing it up is Marc Andreessen’s posting on Age, Creativity, Productivity and Prolific Contribution (most definitely a worthwhile read). It comes down to shots on goal. The more shots you take, the more goals you could make over the course of a career (no guarantees, but it holds water). Let’s say you’re a crack shot up against a crack goalie, though. Well, ok, the equation changes a bit maybe. But, let’s look at the more likely situation where you’re just persistent as hell at whatever it is you’re doing (music, startups, investing, basketball, hockey). The more attempts you make: the more likely you are to rack up a lot of successes.

Think of Barry Bonds (sorry…). Think he’d have the home run record if he’d never swung the bat? Nope. Think how many strike outs he has. It’s probably a LOT! Maybe less than some. But I bet the number’s big. So what! No one’s going to remember him for the strike outs. (maybe noone will remember him for the HR record either)

Point is… age is probably NOT the big issue here. Sure, the younger you are and the longer your career… the more opportunities you’re likely to attempt to rise to the occasion. For those of us later bloomers, it’s about getting up out of the comfort zone and doing something, LOTS of something and piling up the tallest stack of success we’re capable of.  That’s my true north with GROCIO. What’s yours?

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2 Comments on “Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take”

  1. speedo.ca Says:

    ahhhhh you spelled gretzky’s name wrong, shame on you 😛

  2. Shrijit Nair Says:

    very well said man!!!! I love this gretzky’s quote…. one of my personal favs….

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