Updated Header Graphic

The header graphic for the gWHIZ blog has been updated. 52 cool icons. How many can you correctly identify? [EDIT: Also, seems it’s not easy enough to find my contact info… so, it’s in the header graphic now.]

The litmus for the icons is cool factor and ICNS graphic availability (yes, I fished them out of the application source packages). Some are icons for apps I’ve never used… simply liked the look. Others, I couldn’t get by without. [If I’ve used your icon artwork in a manner not to your liking simply let me know and I’ll do the right thing by you. And, if you have written a cool app with a cool icon (Mac only) send me the ICNS file and I’ll put it on the short list.]

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One Comment on “Updated Header Graphic”

  1. Mark Says:

    OK, I’ll bite. Here goes…

    BBEdit, Numbers, Apple Remote Desktop, pass, iChat, pass, pass, pass, pass, Quicksilver, pass, Pages, pass (ADC packaging?), pass, Dashboard.
    Pass, Accessibility Verifier, PackageMaker, Jar Launcher, Aperture, Backup from .Mac?, Addressbook vCards, pass, Senuti, BluePhoneElite, Terminal.
    Pass, AppletLauncher, pass, Transmit, AppleScript Utility, pass, Internet Connect, iSync, Workgroup Manager, Keynote, pass.
    Server Admin, Xcode, Address Book, Automator, Cocktail, pass, Camino, pass, pass, pass, iCal, Macromedia Flash/Director, Garageband, Firefox, Snapz Pro.

    Oh dear, only 34 out of 52 and even then I know that I’ve got at least one, possibly two wrong!

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