A-List Blogger Turns A-List Commenter?

There are three guys responsible for me getting into reading and writing on the blog scene: Robert Scoble; Jeremy Zawodony and Russ Beattie. Apparently, a bunch of crap has gone down and Mr. Scoble (so called out of sincere respect) has bowed out for a while. Jeremy’s life is taking great new direction (congrats!) and Russ… Well, he’s baaaaack!

My hope is the Scobleizer will continue his link blog while he’s architecting his return to blogging. It’s usually chock full of interesting stuff and not just the things in his bailiwick. He’s the epitomy of “eat like a hummingbird, poop like an elephant” ala Guy Kawasaki. He could go all kamikaze on us and come back and close comments too… somehow I don’t see that happening though. Just isn’t his style. ‘Course, things change. Funny that.

I’m just glad Dave and Jason hugged and made up. Talk about your Bad Sinatra! Kinda tense there for a spell.

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