Last Day in Paradise

Keystone-Stream It rained on the mountain last night. So, woke up to a flowing stream instead of the trickle and still pools we were seeing yesterday.

Most of you don’t know in addition to being an Apple fanboy… I’m stark raving crazy for flyfishing. I should have expected the rain and brought my gear. But, oh, no-o-o-o-ooo. I’m too smart for THAT. Nah, I’m a dumbass. The trout rises were pretty solid on some of the sweeps and had to sit for nearly half an hour to see anything in the riffles. They’re definitely there and responding to the bugs being washed down the stream.

Figures, as I’m heading home in about 10 hours or so. Was an exceptional trip. Highly recommend the Keystone Lodge & Spa in August.

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