Google Maps No-Go on

Must be WordPress day (it is their second birthday and all…).

Google just came out with embeddable maps. You know, kinda like you’d do with YouTube and such. Just tried it via the admin system here on my hosted blogs… no workie.

For all the goodness that is in WordPress… why do they limit stuff like this?! Drives me nuts! (You know, that same – “Why can’t I just install such and such on my iPhone?” kinda nuts.

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2 Comments on “Google Maps No-Go on”

  1. Andy Piper Says:

    I very nearly posted on the exact same topic. It’s a real shame. I hope start to rethink. Blogger are way ahead here… and I realise that they are owned by Google, but it does seem like blogs are unable to do a include a fair amount of content at this point 😦

  2. andreacimatti Says:

    I agree, embedding content from other sources is a standard right now.

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