Leopard 9A500n Posted. Then NOT Posted…?

The latest on Leopard is that a new seed was posted 9A500n.

Just checked and it’s definitely not there.Now, this makes me wonder… Do Select Members see the same things Premium Members do? (Thinking we do). If so, what happened? Anyone? Last Leopard seeds I show at ADC are 9A499 client and server (All sorts of uninteresting 10.4.11 seeds…) But, I already have those.

[EDIT: My bad. Apparently, this update only comes down by way of Software Update to those who’ve already installed 9A499. I routinely turn off SWUpdate as it routinely asks if I want to update iTunes or Quicktime or this or that… NO! I want it stock! So, Apple, if you’re listening… Please, don’t count on your developers to always have every little feature turned on expecting us to update this way. Or, if you’re going to do this… please, also put the updater online at ADC. Or an email or something… That’d be a big help.]

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2 Comments on “Leopard 9A500n Posted. Then NOT Posted…?”

  1. Mark Says:

    I just emailed you about this – not sure if it was before you posted this or if we somehow managed to do it simultaneously!!

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Mark, it’s only available via software update. Mac Rumors says Software Update… I just didn’t read it that way. So, fire up your 9A499 client and server installs and run Updater.

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