Why Is Sun Ticker (SUNW) Now JAVA!?

Dr. Schwartz, who I admire for a gob of reasons, announces SUNW will soon trade as JAVA. (next week)

Not that it matters to me… I’m an Apple flavored kinda guy… But, why would you abandon the one who brought you to the dance? Methinks the marketing wonks (of which I am one) have finally invaded Jonathan’s thought space. Chalk a very rare accomplishment up for marketing folk.

Another thought occurred to me… If one searches on “java” which I’m sure a helluva lot more people do than “sunw”… well, that might just do a good thing to the stock. Who knows. Gutsy, to be sure.

Hmm… wonder how Kim Polese and Bill Joy feel about this one? (Probably a bit like the NeXT folk who now rule the roost at Apple, Inc.)  

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One Comment on “Why Is Sun Ticker (SUNW) Now JAVA!?”

  1. gwhiz Says:

    Except… Kim and Bill are on the outside doing their own things now… Big difference!

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