3 y.o. Knows “Master Chief”. Uh oh.

We’re at the grocery store and Logan, our 3 year old, blurts out, “Master Chief!”

Not quite believing what I just heard… I look about and sho nuf there he is hawking Mountain Dew in all his cardboard glory.

Weird thing is, we don’t have an XBox. He doesn’t know anyone who does.

How’s that happen?! Do we really know what 3 year olds talk about? Next think I’ll find out Logan’s some kind of Level 60 dude on WoW…

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2 Comments on “3 y.o. Knows “Master Chief”. Uh oh.”

  1. hornbeck Says:

    That is just odd. You know that you have to get a 360 now and get Halo 3 when it comes out or you are going to have an angry 3 yr old.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    It was the craziest thing. Logan recognizes Master Chief… Wants one (the action figure, not the game). But, I don’t think he knows what the game is. Here’s to hoping anyway.

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