Leopard in EARLY October (Prediction)

Early October makes a LOT of sense from the standpoint Apple would have a FULL quarter in this fiscal year to realize revenues from their new OS. As opposed to two months and change. I think this is also the reason Apple released the iPhone so late in Q2… to get a revenue pop for the last few days of June.

The timing seems to suggest that’s entirely within the realm of the possible what with final replication and the nuances necessary for final localization, help files, packaging and all. There can’t be but (maybe) two more seeds left before it’s time to lock it down and call it good.

Now, remember when Tiger (and Panther before it) came out? There were bugs out the wazoo (not really, but some people will remember it that way) and updates were quick to follow. There’s been enough time to forget all that. But, that’s how it all went down. It was quick too. REAL quick. The seeds came fast at the end and then… quiet. This time we have a month to play with. And, I’m thinking earlier and not later in the month of October for Leopard. The signs feel right for that timeline.

DISCLAIMER: Although I am an ADC Select member I have no inside knowledge about Apple’s release schedule or their methods or processes. “Select” simply means I’ve paid some money to Apple to have access to a little bit more than the free ADC membership allows (seed downloads, hardware discounts, the ADC CD’s and that’s about all).

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One Comment on “Leopard in EARLY October (Prediction)”

  1. hornbeck Says:

    I have to say that I agree. While I cannot say anything about the seeds, they do seem to be getting more stable and I have used the latest as my main OS. I have the newest downloading now and should have a good feel of it by late tomorrow. People are going to love it, that is all I have to say on that.

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