New Leopard Seeds – 9A528a and 9A527

Folks, we HAVE to be getting close to wrapping the initial 10.5.0 release of Leopard up. As quickly as they’re coming out, as good as the documentation has become and as quickly as most issues are being dealt with… Yeah, it’s fast approaching.

Just downloaded 9A528a (Server) and 9A527 (Client). Haven’t yet installed either. But, the nice thing is it’s not a Software Update. THAT was just plain odd for Apple to have done on the 9A500n seed. Oh well. We’re close.

October is looking like a no brainer. Manuals, help files, packaging (which is probably already done), replication, kitting… They don’t take that much time. Could even be early October if we lock this baby down soon. I’ll go into more speculation in the next post… must feed the munchkins first and do a little tile work in the kitchen. Today I’ll post the follow-up for sure though.

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5 Comments on “New Leopard Seeds – 9A528a and 9A527”

  1. Mark Says:

    > it’s not a Software Update. THAT was just plain odd for Apple to have done on the 9A500n seed.

    That they used software update, in itself, isn’t odd; they may have changed something with the way SU works and were probably just wanting to test the mechanism. The very fact that you posted about finding a bug almost proves that theory. What /IS/ odd is that the update was a very hefty download mere days before a new full seed.

    Can’t wait to see what’s new in this build, but as much as I’d love to install it and play with the new moggy tonight, it’s my parents wedding anniversary and celebrating 35 years of marriage is a more enticing prospect!

  2. hornbeck Says:

    Just got it installed, amazingly great!

  3. gwhiz Says:

    You dirty dawg! Guess I know what I’ll be doing this morning. “Amazingly great” really got my attention.

  4. Mark Says:

    Meh, I’m liking the new menu bar a lot more than I thought I would, the Finder is good and overall I like the new(ish) look. What’s keeping me from using it full time is the new Dock, or rather, Stacks. Obviously I can’t go into why, but it’s driving me nuts! Anyone else?

  5. gwhiz Says:

    OK guys. Just installed both 9A527 and 9A528a and HOLY CRAP! I’ve only encountered a few minor gotcha type bugaboos. Things that aren’t GUI/L&F stuff that would peeve a retail consumer. It’s sooooo close though. And zippy! Oh my gosh it’s fast on the MBPro (starting up from an external FW400 drive even). I’m tempted to make it my production system for a week or so just to see what mileage I get.

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