jaxtr’s $10M Booster

Telecom (particularly the disruptive type) really gets my imagination boiling.

I particularly like things like eStara: a traditional call me back play. Solutions like that bridge the gap between the early adopters and the mainstream. Imagine a situation where a website is just too convoluted for its own good and a “bail me out by phone” button that connects human to human. Sure, eStara may be a “Route around the damage” kind of play. But that’s OK.

Enter jaxtr. Just signed up for it (badge below). It makes it easy for you and me to connect by phone without me publishing my phone number to the world. I don’t know how important that is at the end of the day. People can have my tele all they want. But, it’s kinda cool to have a freebie “call me” badge that integrates so well with the social web to the degree it does.

Call geraldb28 from your phone!

Then there are groups like Roam4Free which is supposed to have an announcement of some kind this week. I mean, who wouldn’t want cut rate roaming!?

Phasers set to ‘disrupt’.

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2 Comments on “jaxtr’s $10M Booster”

  1. gwhiz Says:

    BTW, jaxtr doesn’t work with the iPhone browser. It’s apparently a Flash based widget.

    Sooner or later Apple’s going to have to cave and address the lack of Flash. It’s painfully obvious there are some MIME types not worth messing with and others that are crucial to the utility of the platform (Flash, MOV, PNG come top of mind).

  2. I am currently trying out jaxtr, and so far-so good! Thanks for the comment!


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