Universally Dumb (NBC-Style)

Boycott Universal

NBC | Universal Studios has just clenched the “Stupid” Pennant.

Not only did they cede fisrt place to (I’m going to presume) Fox in the iTunes pecking order only because 24 sales have to be big behind The Office. They’ve poisoned the well for the Universal Music side of the house. Apple, on the other hand, has flexed their muscle in true titan fashion and held fast to their pricing model.

Hooray for Apple and a pox on Universal. I still maintain my personal position on boycotting all things Universal on iTunes.

[EDIT: Now, Universal | NBC are crying foul that Apple’s the one to blame for the breakdown of talks. Wah, wah. Last I checked iTune’s is Apple’s to do with as they please. The studios were just taught a pretty compelling lesson: They need iTunes just as much as Apple needs them. I see Wal*Mart stores doing this VERY thing with physical DVDs ALL the time. The studios may not like being over the barrel. But, they’re making money. Give em time. They’ll learn to like the cabbage.]

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