Simple Maintainance For Your Mac.

Do you turn your Mac off at the end of the day? Said another way… Is your Mac not on in the wee hours of the night/morning?

If not… important cleanup is not happening on your mac which would normally be taking place late a night.

Fear not there are ways to make this happen whenever you like. Cocktail is my app of choice for lots of general maintenance on my personal machines (servers are another matter). Cocktail will make a LOT of other things on your Mac bend to your will (Safari and eradicating the favicons of your bookmarked sites which will make Safari zippy once again for instance).

For the purists, and sometimes I must admit I like tinkering in the Terminal, there are manual ways to trigger these same scripts.

Open Terminal (usually located in Applications -> Utilities directory).
Type this exactly (without the quotes) “sudo periodic daily weekly monthly”
Type your login password if it’s requested (if you’re not the administrative user of your Mac this might not work)
The scripts will run in sequence and Terminal will NOT give you any feedback. You’ll know it’s done when the prompt comes back. It may take several minutes if you’ve never let it happen naturally.

If you’re curious to know what these scripts are up to you’ll find some detail here.

Totally loving Ooh La – The Kooks (link will launch iTunes).

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