Beating Bejesus Out Of OSX Leopard

I keep giving Leopard Server aka 9A528a (and now Client aka 9A527) a pounding like never before and it just takes it and responds SO-O-O-O-O very well. Got Server blasting 5×5 on an Intel XServe and OMG! This is it folks. Apple’s probably got one more pre-GM release in them and we’re off to the races. 9A527 on a MBPro is a screamer.

The 300 soundtrack while coding on Leopard is PRECISELY the right tempo. Especially “Fever Dream” by Tyler Bates

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5 Comments on “Beating Bejesus Out Of OSX Leopard”

  1. Eirik Says:

    Too bad most of the iLife and other creative apps are buggy at best and entirely non-working at average on 9a527; on all the HW I’ve tested on. Not to mention gfx is very, very buggy on nvidia and some ATIs. Can’t wait for the next drop.

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Eirik – Can’t vouch for any of what you’ve described for obvious reasons. Sorry. But, generally speaking… I’ve not seen too very many issues that would cause me to think any further delays are imminent.

    As I approve almost every comment that is not outright “spammy” in nature I’ll let this stand knowing full well you’ve broken your NDA with Apple. (Something I’m not inclined to do myself) Still, I’ll try to coax more about the “creative apps” out of you if you’re willing to go whole hog. (Also, have you filed the bug reports to back up your experiences? THAT would help a ton if they’re reproduceable.)

  3. tink Says:

    Any more insights into the latest and greatest?

    Has mail stabilized and how is it?
    Are apps installing well and running well, etc?

    What are the main differences in your day to day compared with Tiger?


  4. gwhiz Says:

    @tink – All I can reasonably say is I’m still using Leopard as my production CLIENT system and am LOVING it. There are quirks and adjustments we’re all going to be making to our interaction with Mac OSX. No different than happened when we went from Panther to Tiger.

    I have NOT gone to Leopard Server for production and don’t expect to until some time late in the year.

    Wish I could tell you more with detail. I treat the NDA I have with Apple with a lot of respect.

  5. tink Says:

    Thanks! Just nice to hear your using it and loving it!

    I totally respect the NDA as well. I was beta Appleseed testing for Tiger but I don’t have the time or resources for Leopard and haven’t played with any of the builds.

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